Metaphysics of Science Conference

August 3-5, 2010,

Kyung Hee University, Seoul, South Korea


1. Aims and Purposes

There has been a marked surge of interest among philosophers what contemporary sciences tell us about traditional issues in metaphysics such as causation, modality, identity, laws of nature, and so on. It is generally held that reflecting upon theories and practices of contemporary sciences throws lights on those issues, often providing solid bases for challenging some of foundational assumptions endorsed in traditional metaphysics. This conference is primarily designed to identify and explore fundamental metaphysical issues in connection with the recent development of sciences. But it is not limited to those issues. Another important goal of this conference is to give a valuable opportunity for analytic philosophers around the world (especially in the East-Asia region) to come together and exchange their views, interests, and ideas. This is hoped to promote future interactions among analytic philosophers, and possibly contribute to the formation of international research teams for collaborations.


2. Organizers

Korean Society for Analytic Philosophy
Kyung Hee Global Research Network Team
Sungho Choi (Associate Professor, Philosophy Department, Kyung Hee University, Korea)
Itay Shani (Research Fellow, Philosophy Department, Kyung Hee University, Korea)
Sang-yong Ha (Part-time Lecturer, Philosophy Department, Seoul National University, Korea)
Myoungsung Ha (Postgraduate Student, Philosophy Department, Kyung Hee University, Korea)
Inyong Shim (Fourth year undergraduate student, Philosophy Department, Kyung Hee University, Korea)
Siyeon Kim (Third year undergraduate student, Philosophy Department, Kyung Hee University, Korea)


3. Program

For the conference program click here (pdf version).

Click here to view Alexander Bird's Speech
Click here to view Helen Beebee's Speech


4. Key Dates

April 31, 2010
Call for papers closes.
June 15, 2010
Standard registration closes.

August 3, 2010

Conference commences.
*Conference dinner will be hosted by the president of Kyung Hee University .

August 5, 2010
Conference closes.
August 6, 2010
Day trip to Bukhan Mountain (optional - $20.00 USD)


5. Conference Venue

Lecture Room 414 & 401, Orbis Hall, Seoul Campus of Kyung Hee University


6. Conference Lunches and Dinner

During the three-day conference, lunches will be served at the on-campus cafeteria (as indicated on the map). Also, there will be a conference dinner at 7pm Tuesday, August 3, 2010 at Cheong Woon Gwan Building. Tickets for conference lunches and dinner will be included in the conference pack.



7. Fees (Including conference dinner, lunches, snacks, etc.)

Standard Registration (by June 15, 2010)

Waged Participant: $100.00 (Day Trip), $80.00(No Day Trip)
Unwaged Participant: $50.00 (Day Trip), $30.00 (No Day Trip)

Late Registration

Waged Participant: $120.00 (Day Trip), $100.00 (No Day Trip)
Unwaged Participant: $70.00 (Day Trip), $50.00 (No Day Trip)

It is allowable to pay the registration fee on the conference site in cash.


Registration form: doc -- pdf
  Once completed, please submit the form to this address and pay the registration fee by choosing your registration type from the menu just below.

Registration Fee:


8. Accommodation

You will be staying in Kukdo Hotel during the conference. We were happily able to form a good partnership with Kukdo, which is expected to provide you with relaxing and cozy stay environment for the whole period of the conference. Kukdo also promised us to help all of you to take full advantage of the hotel facilities and services at greatly discounted prices. In addition, Kukdo will provide transportation to the conference venue for you every morning during the conference.

You should tell the hotel that you are going to participate in the metaphysics of science conference when you make a hotel reservation at Kukdo. Otherwise, you will not be able to take advantage of the full discount benefit they promised us. So, please do mention the conference to the hotel when you make a room reservation at Kukdo. We also inform you that, basically, you can choose one from two room options: one with a king-sized bed and the other with two beds. They are of the same price, approximately 110 USD per night. Should you find the accommodation rather expensive and so wish to take a room with two beds, sharing it with another participant, please let us know about your intention as soon as possible. We will try to make arrangements on the room-sharing.

Kukdo hotel


home page:
tel:  82-2-6466-1234  

Of course, should you find a better accommodation please feel free to take it. We highly recommend Kukdo, though.


9. Restaurant Information

Kyung Hee University has a various range of restaurants around the campus which offer, including but not limited to excellent Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and Western cuisine. As you come out of the front gate of the university, such restaurants range along the roads. So, you can get into any restaurant you think will suit your taste for the period of the conference.

For information about how to get to some of recommedable restraurants and their main dishes, please click here


10. Transportation Information

Kukdo Hotel will provide you a shuttle bus to the conference venue every morning throughout the conference period. If you would like, take advantage of the transportation service that the hotel offers. Alternatively, you can come to the conference venue by subway. If you would like to take this option, please bear in mind that Hoegi subway station is the closest to Kyung Hee University. For further details, click here.


11. Day Trip (Climbing a Local Mountain)

We will be climbing Mt. Bukhan. Climbing will start at 1pm on August 6 and it is expected to take us 5 to 6 hours to climb up and down the mountain. Please wear as leisurely or casually as possible for that activity. It is highly recommended that you wear a comfortable sweat suit or sportswear. Choosing a pair of comfortable shoes is particularly important: sneakers are fine; hiking boots are excellent; but formal shoes should be avoided. You also need to bring a large amount of water, a towel, and and a small or medium-sized rucksack . These are necessary as climbing is a highly intensive outdoor activity, and thus you might sweat a lot.

The participants staying at Hotel Kukdo are expected to gather at the lobby of the hotel by 1 pm on August 6. Professor Shani (Itay Shani - TEL 010 2205 6967) will guide you to the entrane of Mountain Bukhan. Meanwhile, all other participants are expected to gather at the main gate of Kyunghee University by 1 pm on August 6. Professor Choi (Choi Sungho - TEL 010 8918 2208) will guide you to the entrance of Mountain Bukhan

 If you would like additional information about Mt. Bukhan, please click here

In case that it rains on the day-trip day, we have prepared a plan B. If this is the case, you will visit two places: National Museum of Korea, the greatest museum in Korea and 63 Building, the most representative building in Korea. You are expected to have two different types of experience in these places. On the one hand, in National Museum of Korea, you will be able to enjoy Korean tradition, culture, and heritage, and the like. On the other hand, in 63 Building you will be able to enjoy a wide range of entertainments, includng an observation deck from which you can enjoy a great view and a wonderful modern-style aquarium. If we follow the plan B, you do not need to prepare anything special.

Further information on National Museum of Korea can be found at:

Should you need more details on 63 Building, visit the following website:


12. Get-together over Beer of East-Asian Analytic Philosophers

Get-together over Beer of East-Asian Analytic Philosophers will be held at 8 pm on the second day of the conference (August 4) as below. This is hoped to give an opportunity for East-Asian Analytic Philosophers to get together and discuss how to cooperate for the progress of analytic philosophy in East Asia..

-  At 8 p.m., Wednesday, August 4, 2010

-  At SKY'N (Tel: 02-969-0001, Home page:


13. Campus Map

Here is a campus map: Kyung Hee University Campus Map


14. Sponsors

This conference is sponsored by Kyung Hee University ( and National Research Foundation of Korea (


15. Contact Information

For more information about the conference contact Itay Shani <>

Department of Philosophy
Faculty of Humanities
Kyung Hee University
Hoe-Gi Dong, Dongdeamun-Gu
Seoul, Korea, 130-701

+82 (0) 2 9619291
+82 (0) 2 9633152