Metaphysics of Science Conference

Transportation Information


1. The way to Kyung Hee University (General)

Hoegi Station, Dark Blue Line # 1 is the nearest subway station from Kyung Hee University.


2. The way from Kukdo hotel to Hoegi Station

1) By shuttle bus

Kukdo Hotel will provide you a shuttle bus to the conference venue every morning throughout the conference period.

2) By subway

It takes about 30 minute from the Euljiro4ga to the Hoegi.

Take a subway line 2 or line 5 at Euljiro 4ga station > Transfer to subway JungAng line at the Wangsimni Station > Get off at the Hoegi Station

You can refer to this subway station map for details.


3. The way from Hoegi Station to Kyung Hee University

Note that the closest subway station to Kyung Hee University is Hoegi.

There are basically two ways available you can choose from for arrival in Kyung Hee University.

1) The town shuttle bus

It takes about 5 min.

Take exit no. 1 at Hoegi station > Catch no. 1 shuttle bus > 2 stops > Get off at the main gate of Kyung Hee

How to use the shuttle bus

(1) Please board at the front door.

(2) If you want to use your transportation card to pay the bus fare, touch it to the card reader, which you can recognize right after on board. The bus fare is 600 KRW if you use this option.

(3) Alternatively, you can also pay the bus fare in cash. In this case, pay it into the slot at the top of the fare box. It is 700 KRW.

2) On foot

It takes about 20 min.

Take exit no. 1 at Hoegi Station > Turn left > Go straight until you find an intersection > Cross at the crosswalk > Keep going to the same direction until you find the Burger King at an intersection > Turn right > Go straight until you find the main gate of Kyung Hee University


You can refer to the route of the town suttle bus for details.

(1) Come out of the Hoegi subway station through exit 1. Then get on the green shuttle bus as illustrated in the picture below. The shuttle bus moves to the direction as indicated ¡°W¡±.


(2) The shuttle bus crosses the intersection and goes straight to the direction indicated as ¡°NW¡±.


(3) The picture below shows what you can see outside while on board.


(4) The bus keeps going straight until it arrives at the intersection around which you can see the ¡°Burger King¡± and the ¡°Coffee Bean¡±.


(5) The shuttle bus turns right at the intersection and goes straight.


(6) The picture below shows what you can see outside while on board.


(7) The shuttle bus, eventually, arrives at the main gate of the university and it is then that you should get off the shuttle bus.